All products by default covers a Warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. We also provide Product replacement in some cases if required. Physical damage does not fall under Warranty terms.

Call Logging System

  1. Register your ‘Support Request’ with the Support Dept, you can reach Support dept from 10AM to 6PM Monday to Saturday (except Sunday, Public & National holidays ) on +91 799 114 8344, alternatively you can write an email to for registering your Support Request.
  2. In less than 4- 8 hours, you’ll get a call back from our service center., after the problem analyzing & basic troubleshooting if INB learns that there is a defect in the LED, then INB will provide Service Ticket,and engineer will visit your place for further troubleshooting.
  3. Customer will get a happy call from Service Center, to confirm the faulty unit is working fine confirmation then they’ll close the ticket.

NOTE: Call logged before 2 PM will have same day engineer visit and for call logged between 2-6 pm engineer will visit next day (excluding Sunday, Public and National Holidays)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer must obtain a valid Service Ticket before repair Faulty Product.
  2. Customer must provide proper invoice number, invoice date, product serial number and detailed problem description to obtain Service Ticket.
  3. INB will not support any third party software or hardware including games, software, incompatibilities, application programs and utilities are not covered by warranty.
  4. INB will only support components purchased from INB or its authorized partner.
  5. Any physical damage or misuse of a product voids warranty.
  6. INB will not: be held accountable to any loss of money, materials, life, data, intangible and tangible items caused by product failure,warranty product failure caused by power surge or failure, static electricity, and natural calamities or act of God,be responsible to any damage due to shipping of a product sent for repair/service.
  7. Products for repair may be replaced with functional refurbished components and covered by the original product warranty unless the product is Dead On Arrival, then the product will be replaced by brand new system/parts
  8. Customer are responsible for any monetary value for any non-warranty repairs.
  9. In an event the customer sends a product for repair and the warranty expired while in repair process, the warranty will be extended to the length of the repair time and the replaced components will have 30 days warranty beginning the day the Customer receive the repaired product.
  10. Product warranty is non transferable.
  11. INB will not reimburse customer of any monetary value incurred to service computers/parts by any third party service providers.
  12. Product peripherals will come under 1 months warranty.
  13. If any customer receives a defective / non functioning product from the factory / warehouse / partner as their new purchase, then INB will swap the defective product with brand new product from the respective warehouse / partners with new inventory in advance.
  14. All warranty terms mentioned above may subject to change/supplement without prior notice.